All in the family

It was back in Chicago in 1971 when my father purchased his C3 Ontario Orange Stingray.  We had just moved there and mom had wanted to get dining room furniture for the new house.  Instead, the C3 found its way home.  Mom made a not so subtle suggestion that the car could be parked in the dining room and our family of 6 could eat on it.

I was not even in kindergarten when the transaction occurred but I sure do remember the new edition to the family.  The C3 would be my fathers daily driver, even after moving to Upstate NY until around 1987/1988.  Along the way, I remember some great rides in this beauty.  My sister and I would ride on the back shelf while my other sister would ride shotgun.  Countless Saturday mornings as a grade school kid heading in what I referred to as the Mach 5 off to get haircuts with dad and then Italian subs from Rubino’s.

I watched on the weekends as my father tinkered on the engine and washed the car.  I remember the Corvette poster that I hung in my room, it was the history of Vette’s up until the late 80’s.  The first time I got to drive her was when I was home from College and it was parked in the driveway, replaced by an Audi.  I can still hear the doors as they shut – it is  unique sound indeed and the rumble of the 454 when it starts up.  I could hear the car when it turned down our street, the distinct sound of raw American power.

Around 1991 or so, the car was put in storage, it was no longer a daily driver and it was headed for a long slumber.  I remember heading out for the drop off.  That was the last time the car saw daylight.  It was put away in a barn, protected from the elements and covered.  That brings us to May of 2017.  As I approach my 50’s and my oldest son learns to drive, we are beginning the journey of getting this American classic back on the road.  We are currently working out the details of getting the card towed back home where we hope to get her back on the road where she belongs.

Stay tuned for pictures, stories and the journey.  I couldn’t be more excited and thankful to take this project on.  This is something that my father and I have talked about off an on for the past 25 years.


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