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Our newest member to the family arrived home on Friday 6/2/17.  It was definitely a family affair as we headed to the barn.  It has been 23 years since she had seen daylight and 23 years since I had seen her at all.  My father was not able to make the excursion but off I went accompanied by my nephew and my oldest son.  We arrived at the barn and slid the door a bit wider and there she was, tucked in the corner in a field of hay covered in dirt and bat guano.

I will say, it was tough to see her there like that, my memory is of her running the streets and drawing a curious eye.  We had to move the car to the barn doors which might as well been miles.  All 4 wheels were flat.  We moved hay and hay bales around, clearing a path as we pushed in unison.  It was a bit over an hour to get her moved and it wasn’t easy.  While the outside of the car was a disaster, the inside of the car was like a time capsule.  Very little evidence of any critters and the outside of smelling like the barn, it looked pretty mint.

Once loaded on the trailer, we headed to her new home.  She was met with smiles as she was lowered off the truck, all three of my boys instantly wanted to take it for a spin.  After a solid washing both inside and out we popped the hood and cleaned up the engine, popped the T-tops to see her in all her glory and fiddled with exterior and interior issues as we made a list of issues to correct.

Saturday, we filled up the tires with air, cleaned her a bit more and was able to get it pushed into the garage prior to the rain so we could continue to work.  We picked up some needed tools to continue the journey and called it a night.

Sunday, we picked up a new battery, some chrome cleaner and oil.  We inspected the gas tank and researched turning the engine over manually.  I was able to get it cranked about a half revolution by hand.  I inspected the hoses and belts and borrowed a jack and jack stands.

This week we plan to hook up the battery and see what does and doesn’t work, squirt some mystery oil into the spark plug valves, drain the old gas and change the oil.    I am hoping that Friday or Saturday we can try turning the engine over by key to see if we can get it started.

It is a good reminder in patience as these things take time… I am eager to get it on the road again.  Below are a few pictures of the weekend journey.


Tucked in the corner of the barn.
Before opening the door for the first time.
Interior as it looked in the barn
Finally got it to the barn door.
Arriving at the house.
After a wash, she cleaned up good.

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