Traveling through time

I started to take a look at the gas tank this evening to see how to drop it and also to see what it looked like.  The first step was removing the spare.  This was the first time then spare had been pulled out of the clam shell and all in all, it looks pretty good.

I then loosened the clam shell bolt until I could slide the shell off the hanger.  I pulled out the spare and removed the top part of the shell by removing the four bolts holding it in place.  That allowed me to get a good look at the gas tank.  The tank looks great where the clam shell was but terrible otherwise.  This just helps cement my decision to replace the tank. Now I just need to figure out how to remove the old tank.  This is what the gas tank looked like both inside and out as well as a couple of shots the of the original spare tire:


Another view of the tank bottom
Original F70-15
Original Goodyear
View of the bottom of the tank


Zoom in on the sludge

Looking into the gas tank through the neck


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