Winter is finally breaking, time to get back to work.

It has been a while (almost 10 months to be exact) since I have posted any updates and progress on what has been done to get this beauty back on the road.  Due to weather and my sons hockey season, I stopped working on the car in mid October.  However, I did do some things before I stopped.

After replacing the old gas tank, sending unit and rubber lines that run to the fuel lines and vapor return I had hopes that she would turn over, that was not the case.  So, in an attempt to try other things, I did the following.  I replaced the original spark plugs, I replaced the distributor cap as well as the points.  I then tried starting the car and again, no luck.

I ordered a new fuel filter and installed that as well. After installation, I was still unable to get the card to turnover.  Noting that the only things needed to get an engine running are spark, air and gas I ventured to Autozone to pick up a can of starter spray.  I pushed the car out of the garage with the help of my sons.  We removed the air filter, filled the tank with some gas, sprayed some started into the carburetor and gave the engine a crank.

For three seconds, I heard the purr of the big block engine followed by a nice black cloud of exhaust before the engine stopped running.  I tried  a second time and got the same result.  It was so close!  With the failed attempt, we pushed the card back into the garage and determined that we had a fuel problem.  It seems that if the car would turn over with the started spray, I must not be getting fuel to keep the car running.

In talking with my father, he believed that he had installed an electric fuel pump on the car sometime in the 80’s.  I traced the lines and was not able to find any sign of the electric pump.  I then decided to order a new mechanical pump for the car.  While I was waiting for the mechanical pump to arrive I also researched the best way to safely work on the car at home.  As a result, I ended up buying a set of Race Ramps so lift the front of the car and I also bought a second floor jack to lift both sides of the card at the same time.

While waiting for the all this, I also remove the rear drivers side marker as the bolt holding the light in had rusted in half and the light was dangling.  By the time the parts had arrived, so did hockey season and winter.  My free time was gone and it was too cold to be outside so we laid blankets over her and waiting for spring.  We are determined to get her running and on the road this summer.  In the meantime, my oldest son has complete Auto shop at school and will be helping me out with bleeding the brakes the fuel pump.

Next steps:

  1. Change fuel pump
  2. Install new rear marker light
  3. If it still won’t start after the fuel pump, we will need to blow out the gas lines

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