Brake lines and Proportioning Valve Install

IMG_1058With the calipers rebuilt, it was time work on replacing the proportioning valve, caliper brake lines and the cross front brake line.  It seemed pretty straight forward right until I realized that the lines were not pre-bent to fit.  I started with the easiest place which was reconnecting the back calipers to the brake system.  I spent a fair amount of time gently bending these lines into place making sure they would not get caught on anything or that they would rub against anything.  This took a bit of time but the back was straight forward.

Once that was completed, I moved on to the front cross line which I knew would be the toughest part but it was necessary to run this line first so I could hook up the passenger side caliper.  I was right, this was not an easy task.  It took me a little bit to figure out how the line would need to be positioned across the front end of the car.  I could not remember what the old one looked like when installed so I worked it logically.  On the first night, I was able to get it bent into the general shape and I decided on a route to position the line.  I worked on it until I was able to get it lined up with the mount on the passenger side before calling it a night.

On night two, I slipped the passenger side down to the mount on the passenger side wheel well and positioned it for the caliper hose.  I then worked on carefully bending the line to get it into position to mount to the new proportioning valve I purchased.  Once it was in place I called it a night.

On night three, I was able to get the line screwed up to the frame of the car across the front.  I then worked on getting it in place and mounted to the proportioning valve.  It was then I noticed that I forgot to purchase the small line that runs from the proportioning valve the rubber caliper hose on the drivers side.  I quickly ordered the part to make sure it would be in when I was ready.  I finished the night by connection the new master cylinder lines, the back brake line and the front cross line to the proportioning block.  All that was left to do was rebuild and bleed the master cylinder (again) and attach the drivers side caliper.



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