Bleeding the brakes

With the brake lines in and the calipers rebuilt, it was time to bleed the brakes.  I opted for the old two person method so I grabbed my son and we got to work.  I started with the passenger side rear wheel and started with the inner bleeder moving then to the outside bleeder (for more information visit this post).  Everything was going smooth.  Air was coming out and then, a study line of fluid.  I moved to the driver side rear and and repeated the process and again success although, I noticed the caliper was leaking a bit internally.

At this point, I moved on the front caliper on the passenger side.  Again, air bubbles and then solid fluid.  The brake pedal felt stiff as well.  Finally, the driver side front.  After bleeding all the calipers, I noticed there was  small leak on the bottom of the proportioning valve where the front cross brake line runs. In addition, the leak at the rear caliper continued so I opted to replace it since it wasn’t stock.

After picking up the new caliper at Autozone,  I took the passenger side caliper off and sure enough, the seal was shot.  I put the new one on and began the bleeding the back brakes again starting with the driver side.  It bled fine and we moved to the passenger side.  I cracked the bleeder to remove the air.  As fluid started flowing, I heard a release of air of noticed the passenger side caliper was leaking fluid.  I tool the caliper off and the seals had blown off and the pistons popped out.  I called Autozone and went back for a rebuilt caliper.

After moving through the rebuild process, the pedal was stiff and we were ready for tires.  Time to see what happens!

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