Post Carburetor Rebuild

With the carburetor  rebuilt it really came down to correcting this part; the carburetor float.  The float helps regulates the gas in and out of the carburetor from the main gas tank.  With a defective float, when the float is stuck in the upright position, it will not allow gas into the carb so the car won’t start.  When it is no longer able to float, it continually allows gas into the carb and therefore floods the engine.  You can see that this little $10 part can keep your car from running.  In my case, I had a chunk missing so it would not float.  When the car started, it idled high and once I tapped the gas, the engine would flood and the car would stop running.  Once I replaced this during the carburetor rebuild, the car started as it should.  I then performed a quick adjustment on the carb and it is now idling as expected and running when the gas is tapped. ( Video: Car running after rebuild and idle adjustment).

So now that the car is running, it is time to bite the bullet and get it registered, insured and inspected.  Fingers crossed it won’t cost a fortune.

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